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We offer services covering a wide variety of topics, including Practice Management, Professional and Career Development and Internal Medicine (VTS).  

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Lectures – the lectures provided by EdAVT are interactive professional lectures to help to stimulate the attendees mind.  To understand the concepts and to be able to bring the educational process back to their hospitals and in some aspects, their own lives and put into practice.  


Site Visits – as for the concept of site visits, is making a series of visit as the consultant to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the hospital/clinic and the team within and working within the environment on many different visits to make a more cohesive team and environment  


Presentations – the hands on presentations along with a lecture series, is an excellent way for the attendee to understand the concept and be able to “get their hands” into the learning process.  They are interactive labs where they gain individualized learning and have a more one-on-one experience


Webinar Speaker – Webinars are an excellent media avenue to get the lecture topic to a larger audience.  As more in the details of a lectures series, given to a larger audience.   


Consultant – As a consultant, being able to be in the practice, the hospital or clinic, making more observations of the staff and make a learning protocol for each individual person within that practice.  Each person learns in a different manner and understanding each individual’s learning curve, will be able to make each of the team members a better and more cohesive working environment .


Behavior Workshops – the behavior workshops may be working with the team in the concepts of working on different behaviors with the patience they see on a daily basis.  I also do work with the veterinary teams on working with different types of people within the team and extending to the clients and the public.  


Author – writing articles, book chapters, and books for veterinary publications for the veterinary team as a whole.  



Available Topics for Lecutures, Presentations, Webinars, Behavior Workshops.  Click here.  



1. Use communication strategically 
2. Appoint an organizational champion 
3. Audit communication processes 
4. Roll out an anti-bully policy 
5. Conduct management training 
6. Take grievances seriously 
7. Use Peer reviews 

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