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it's complicated...

We Can Help.




Bullying issues, Stress, Harrasment? 


No matter what you're going through,

we're here to help you.


it's complicated....



The EdAVT is your Well-being Educational Source.


The Educational Advocate for the Veterinary Team is the voice behind the members of the veterinary team and it's community.  Melissa Supernor founded the EdAVT when she saw an alarming need to highlight and focus attention on the dysfunctional behavior that is allowed to exist in the veterinary field's workplace.


Everyone deserves the right to work in a safe, respectful environment, free of verbal, mental and emotional abuse.


Through dedicated education, Melissa's mission is to let the veterinary team members know they aren't alone and what they're going through is not okay and more importantly, how to find real help and real support.


As a lecturer and consultant specializing in Practice Development, Professional and Career Development and Internal Medicine topics, Melissa strives to bring awareness to this growing epidemic. Together, we will difference for the veterinary team members' community.   Please consider joining Melissa and the EdAVT as a supporter, partner or affiliation.  


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The mission of the Educational Advocate for the Veterinary Team is to empower members of the Veterinary Team through education, support and compassion.


We strive to achieve a higher level of care and compassion for the individual team member, the team as a whole, client/patient relationship/commitment, and the pet/ patient. The EdVAT's purpose is to enlighten, support and serve the Veterinary Team's Caregivers.

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